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  Piano Classes for All Ages   

"We love our kid's piano teacher, Mrs. Marie. Even though it is a group class, she does focus on each kid and encourage them to bring their best. Every now and then I get encouraging texts about their progress. She takes advantage of technology to keep the kids excited about music and it's fun to see my kids sitting together and trying to compose their own pieces." --Maria D​ 

"I would recommend Marie Lee to anyone!

My daughter has taken lessons from her for years and always looks forward to class. Marie is so kind and an excellent

piano teacher!" --Tori J​​

Prescool Piano Classes Henderson, NV

Ages 3-4 is the perfect time to start piano classes! Our classes are full of a variety of activities like singing, creative movement and introduction to rhythm and keyboard geography. Piano study gives your preschooler a head-start for kindergarten by introducing reading, math, following directions and social interaction. Parents are invited and encouraged to join their preschooler in music-making at no extra cost. 

Elementary Piano Classes Henderson, NV

Our goals for your 5-11 year old include confidence in performing, ensemble skills so students can play with a band or accompany singers, and friendship and camaraderie with fellow piano students. In particular, we keep boys interested – last year 60% of our students were boys. Beginners are grouped by age and then by level, as they start to advance. We keep a close eye on the progress of each child to offer the best class experience for their learning style.

Teenager Pano Classes Henderson, NV

What do teens want? To socialize! Group piano classes keep teens interested because their class becomes their circle of friends -- a piano team! Our teens develop the skills to try out for the jazz band or play for the church choir. Along with chord theory and technique, we integrate the latest pop and movie tunes because we know that's what teens want to play. Our teens stick around!

Adult Piano Classes in Henderson

Have you always wanted to play the piano but thought you were too old to learn? Did you take piano as a child, quit, and now regret it? We'll provide a goal-oriented, motivating experience for you in a relaxed, stress-free environment with other adult hobbyists. You'll learn to read music, play movie hits, pop songs, Broadway, jazz, classical favorites along with chords and lead sheets for maximum enjoyment. Daytime and evening piano classes available.

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