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The First Note


We currently have 130+ students and teach mainly group piano classes to our beginning and intermediate students and then move them into private lesson slots as they advance. Besides being a lot of fun,  group piano classes have so many benefits--positive peer pressure to practice since students constantly play in front of each other, the ability to play with a group, accompanying skills, increased confidence and counting skills--just to name a few. But most importantly, our students love making music with their friends! Please visit our studio Facebook page to see the latest photos, videos, reviews and studio happenings!

Four Arts Approach

We teach a Four Arts approach to learning to play which includes: note reading, improvising, composing and arranging. This allows us to reach all styles of learning -- visual, aural and kinesthetic -- and provide confidence building experiences for our students.



Our studio is conveniently located inside Southern Nevada Music at 350 N Stephanie St, Henderson, NV. We have a spacious classroom with top of the line Roland digital pianos -- one for each student -- iPads and flat screen TV to integrate technology into our classes. Please check out our studio Facebook page here.

"Our family has been attending Marie's piano classes for 6-years. Ms. Marie's instructional style and love for each child is very motivating, driving their love for piano and joy of music. She works very hard at making each session productive and also ensuring the music and challenges are appropriate for the skill level of the group. Marie is an absolutely fantastic person and teacher that I would recommend for anyone and any age! We love her!" --Ana R

Class Schedule and Tuition


Piano classes are held weekly for 45 minutes each (30 minute classes for preschoolers.) We run a 12-month calendar, holding 8 weeks of classes in the summer. Our summer schedule is very flexible and easy to work around your family vacation plans. 

Tuition is $85 per month for 45 minute classes, $60 per month for 30 minute preschool classes. We also collect a $75 book fee upon enrollment.


Performing Opportunities


Students are invited to perform at our Halloween street recital in October, class recitals in December and larger spring showcase recitals in May which include awards, student solos and group ensembles. Our studio participates in Junior Solo Festival at UNLV in the spring and Ensemble Festival in the fall.

"We are thrilled to have Marie as my daughter's piano teacher. She is full of enthusiasm and always encourages them to do their best. She finds ways for her students to have confidence before getting on stage to perform/play. Marie also gives her students opportunities to grow and succeed." --Rita H​

"My son wrote and performed a song at his class performance called "Santa's Panda." Group piano lessons were a good move for him!" --Heather M

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Tel: 702-625-0507

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