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Using the latest techniques, refined by weekly experiences

with over 130 students in our Henderson location, we use

group music classes to motivate and inspire musicians so

they can enjoy a lifetime of creative and beautiful music making. Your first music class is free. We rarely have someone not continue after they experience the encouraging difference between solo versus group instruction. Email us for

your free piano, guitar, drum or voice class today!

 "My family has had the wonderful opportunity of taking lessons from Marie for the last 10 years. She makes learning about music fun. All 3 of my kids genuinely enjoy piano lessons (something that wasn't always true for me as a kid). She loves the kids, is patient with them, and helps them to feel good about the progress they are making. If you want your kids to not only learn to play the piano, but to learn to love music, Marie is the perfect choice. I recommend her whole heartedly!" --Brian G 



149 N. Gibson Rd, Suite K, Henderson

Monday-Friday 10:00am-8:00pm

Saturday Closed

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