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Voice Classes: It's Your Time to Shine!

Musicality Schools is a great learning experience, Marie Lee and her staff are all friendly, professional, happy and fun to be with! I highly recommend them!" -- Rocco R

Voice Classes Henderson

Watch your child's confidence blossom as they learn stage presence through various musical styles such as Pop, Broadway and Disney. Your children will learn how to feel confident and perform by doing what they already love to do - Singing! Show choir classes are the perfect start to begin a journey of understanding with music. Performance opportunities available throughout the year to showcase our singers' talents. No prior musical experience required.

Ages 5-11

Vocal Technique Classes

For the more serious vocalist who is starting to understand music, our vocal technique classes are a perfect opportunity to enhance natural musical ability with important skills like sight reading, articulation, enunciation, and breathing techniques while singing pieces geared toward technical growth. Solo and ensemble festival participation and performance opportunities available.  At least one year of musical instrument or vocal experience required along with teacher recommendation.

Classes grouped by level


Teenager & Adult Voice Classes

As the voice matures, it's time to consider additional training to take advantage of greater vocal ability. Students in the 15-Adult voice classes will learn greater confidence as they learn to perform, read music, and be a part of a group that is working together to enhance shared interests. Singers in the older teen voice classes will learn how to breathe properly, sing without damaging their body, read music, and perform on a stage. Smaller class sizes for more personalized attention toward developing and mature voices.

Ages 15 and up

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