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Acoustic or Electric Guitar Classes

I can't really express how friggin' cool it is watching my son read music!!!! -- Richard W

Guitar Classes Henderson

Learn how to read a chord chart, music notation and TAB, strumming techniques, play melody and a variety of chord progressions through classic rock, blues, pop and traditional favorites. Taught by the talented Mr Dominick. Click here and here to see videos from our beginning classes. 

Beginner and Intermediate classes available
Age groups: 6-10, 11-14, 15-Adult

20% discount for current Musicality Schools students. Book and supply fee additional.

Children's Guitar Classes

Children's guitar classes are a great opportunity for kids to learn to interact, have fun, and develop a lasting love of music. Children in guitar classes will learn vital musical skills like rhythm, reading music, and, yes, singing; but they will also be developing their minds! Guitar students helps children develop better memories, better verbal communication skills, and finely coordinated hand muscles. (Not to mention the "coolness" factor.)

If your child has expressed an interest in learning guitar there is no better place they could be than with other guitar students learning from Mr. Dominick. 

Youth Guitar Classes

Does your Pre-Teen or early teenager want to learn guitar or gain more skill with a guitar?  The 11-14 age group may be perfect for them. Students will learn and practice together important skills like reading music, strumming, playing melodies, and so on. Group instruction is so important for this age group as they love to learn and "show off" to their peers, and naturally love to grow in their abilities. 

Try our youth guitar classes and watch your child bloom into a talented musician!

Teenage / Adult Guitar Classes

Once you reach age 15 or so, your manual dexterity, finger strength, and motor control is fine enough that you're ready for "grown up" guitar lessons. This guitar class is perfect for older teens and adults alike. Groups work together on their skills including chord progressions, musical styles, and more. Most importantly, the students learn a form of expression that was never accessible before. If you need teen guitar classes, or adult guitar classes, you need to try the Musicality Schools Guitar classes today.

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